Friday, October 16, 2009

Indoor Days

It is the third day of consecutive cold rain. It's been weeks-- possibly months-- since we've been inside for this duration of time, and it has resulted in a rediscovery of indoor time.

Some of my favorite activities these past few days have been building a lot of things from blocks, pretending to go to the grocery store, pretending to drive around in some chairs, reading a lot of books under a warm quilt, and taking baths. There's nothing quite like a warm bath to make you feel cozy on a cold rainy day.

We've been making soups, yummy baked goods (black bean brownies last night... yum ) and finishing our seasonal movement of clothes from the basement into our shelves.

And I've been devouring Gone With the Wind. I think Ben is relieved that I only have a chapter left-- he finally gets his wife back after two weeks of my mind being elsewhere.

It's been a lovely change of pace, although I must admit, I am itching for some good outdoor play time. Maybe a trip to the library is in order today.

How do you spend your indoor days?

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Emily said...

Umm...indoor time. I remember when I was growing up coming back from a long day at the beach, taking a cool shower, instead of a warm bath and escaping, just for an hour or two the brilliant Florida sun...I would read, cuddle on the couch, try to get my big sis to notice me, and the days she asked me to play...that was a perfect summer day....seems so far away these cold new england nights