Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zosia Montessori-Style

We use a veritable hodge-podge of learning philosophies around here. In part, I am still learning, still figuring out what works for our kid(s), what works for me. But I also feel like each philosophy has something unique to offer. One aspect of Montessori that I like is the idea that when you prepare your child's environment, they engage in it in a meaningful way. I picked up these "nesting blocks," (a Montessori tool) at Target for Z's birthday, and adores playing with them-- both nesting them in one another, and stacking them to create a tower. Notice how they're "self correcting"-- she doesn't need an adult to tell her when she's made a mistake, because the blocks do that in and of themselves. Man, I love that kid.


satakieli said...

That's wonderful. My son has some nesting cups that I picked up for really cheap at a grocery store, they're easily his favourite toy. I love how open ended these kinds of toys are. You can stack them, nest them, fill them with different items, use them as a hat (something my son does fairly often!). His are also recycled plastic so he can play with them in the bath and practice pouring.

These kinds of things are SO much better than the plastic things with flashing lights that don't really do a whole lot (and the kids get bored with those so fast!).

I'm trying to incorporate more of these sorts of ideas into our daily life so I really appreciate reading this!

Adele said...

Yes, I totally agree. Open ended, better than loud electronic toys, and educational.