Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plugging Into a Full Life

I have taken the next steps in the discipline of becoming unplugged. First step was ditching the TV-watching (I am happy to report that fios has not impacted this habit... I still haven't figured out how to operate it :-). That single step definitely cut a lot of junk out of my life: things like pointless news coverage, reality TV, and commercials. Ahh.

Second step was ditching the newspaper subscription. Some people will cringe at this change-- afterall, what is more "intellectual elite" than reading the paper in the morning? Well, I took an inventory on how reading the paper was affecting my day-to-day life and realized it wasn't really a net gain. It took my attention and energy away from more nurturing pursuits and itself was sort of a downer: it felt like just about every news story was negative. And, the truth be told, the "big" news stories get through to me the old fashioned way, word of mouth.

Other things have followed: no more NPR (and this from an NPR devotee). We just don't drive much, and I feel like my time with the children at home is better spent talking, singing, or just plain old listening. It has changed the atmosphere in our home for the better.

And now I'm feeling pulled to withdraw from internet usage that isn't nurturing. I love reading blogs-- they are inspiring, nurturing, and beautiful (at least I feel that way about the many I follow). But online newspapers? Facebook? Not that into them at the moment, to be totally honest.

Of course for all of these "no"s there are lots of "yeses." Things like sewing, baking, singing, telling stories, playing outside, going on walks, playing in creeks, trying to be thoughtful to friends and family members. I feel like I am living my life more intentionally, more fully, and in the presence of the joy and beauty of being plugged into the world around me and the people in my life. What a joy.

What things make you feel more "plugged in" to the fullness of life? What things distract you from it?


satakieli said...

In 2005 I was a poor student, I sold my TV to pay for food and didn't watch TV again until about 2008.

I didn't miss it one single bit, but now I find myself turning it on all of the time. You've made me think that maybe I should turn it off again.

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

Word up, sister! I've taken a similar path as you in slowly diminishing the external inputs that aren't nourishing.

It's weird, after not listening to the news frequently anymore. I used to WORK at an NPR affiliate. I mostly miss the person to person interview, and learning about new songs, books, etc. Teri Gross., etc.

Definitely reading other blogs is very nourishing. I used to strongly dislike being on the computer (blah Facebook, blah, blah blah) but blogs have turned me around to something that can be good on something that I find mostly overrated.

However, films are a very fine format of art. I really miss going to the theatre. This will probably be our first babysitter experience...going to the local cinema to watch a foreign, indie or other arts film.

BTW: love the photo. gorgeous.

Adele said...

I would say that for me, the particular "no tv" thing is less a hard rule than it is my own personality and preferences-- I can imagine tv actually being an inspiring and uplifting thing for someone, just not me right now.

And yes, I am also very much looking forward to the day that I can actually go out for a full length movie. Wouldn't that be nice?