Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Celebrating Babyness

When Zosia was a baby, we were very eager to sort of "get on with things." We fed her solids as soon as possible, we sat her up in a stroller as soon as possible, we had her up on her feet so she could walk as soon as possible. We were pretty ready for her to turn into a toddler.

A funny thing has been happening with Lily. That sense of urgency has sort of disappeared. This week we have come to the realization that Lily is probably teething, and I for one was totally shocked because I still think of her and treat her like a complete newborn. And I don't mind that she is a baby. I actually love it.

There's a bumper crop of babies in the neighborhood, and where I think that some moms are excited for their kiddos to hit the "milestones," I'm surprisingly laid back this time around. Are we feeding Lily solids? Nope. Is she sitting up? Nope. Is she rolling over? Nope. She's just a baby. And we love her being just a baby.

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One and Doll said...

MMM- that sounds wonderful! That's how I want to be with our little person. I LOVE it! I think I would like the milestone of birth though. . . Letting her just be a fetus isn't working for me!