Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Attachment Continued

Both of our kids have gone through periods of very strong attachment. For Zosia, it happened around the time she was one, and again when she was one and a half-- right around the time I was very pregnant with Lily. But Lily has started in on her mama addiction much earlier. From the time she was around a month old, she figured out that I am her mama, and everyone else is not. The funny thing is, while she's with me, she's the smiliest, silliest, happiest baby ever. But when I hand her over, she realizes it right away, and doesn't waste a minute in communicating her desire to return to me. Sweet. But, at the end of a day of lugging her around, also very annoying.

I've been dealing with it through holding her a lot, carrying her in a sling or ergo, and trying recognize that this is a short stage and soon she will be venturing out on her own. But, even though I'm now an experienced mama that knows that children go through such stages, I wonder if I am just nurturing her addiction. Am I going to be taking her to her prom in a sling? Is she ever going to become more independent? And then, minutes after I entertain such thoughts, I start tearing up at the realization that this is the last day that she is going to be exactly this type of baby, that she is going to want me to hold her this much.


One and Doll said...

Wow- what struggles and what emotions. I can only anticipate and fear my own. . . .

By the way, I am pretty sure you will carry her to prom in a sling. It'll be so cute. I'll even put some sequence on the sling for you if you want me to!
I love you Adele!

Lauren Oliver said...

Too bad I didn't read this post before offering to watch her and Z while you got the car at the museum that day--- pretty sure I would've chosen to go get the car.... she sure knew I wasn't you after about 2 seconds. O=) How is she now?