Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Am I changing?

I love the Meyers Briggs personality test. In fact, mere minutes before I gave birth to Lily, I was having a conversation with our doula Regina, our birth assistant Wendy, and my sister Irene about the Meyers Briggs. I first took the test when I was in the seventh grade and Irene was in the 9th, and as a freshman in highschool she was required to take the test. I took it again when I was in the 9th grade, and have periodically taken it since then. While there has been some variety over the years when I take the test, some things remain absolutely true: I am an NF (intuitive and feeling, which basically means that I prefer the theoretical to the concrete and make my decision on emotion). I tend towards introversion and judging (which does not mean judgmental, but rather that I like organization). Well, on a whim, I decided to take the test again today online (which you can do here if you're interested), and something very strange happened. My test turned out completely different than it has in the past. Today I am an ISFP(!).

In the past, when I have been answering the questions, I have often had a hard time thinking of concrete examples from which to answer the questions. So I sort of answer based on how I imagine I might behave. But today, for the first time, I felt very at ease answering the questions. Perhaps motherhood has, out of necessity, given me a deeper understanding of how I function in difficult situations. Or maybe I just have to be more in tune with my preferences in order to not lose sight of myself. All I can say is that I sort of feel like I am being re-introduced to myself (those of you who have taken the test probably can imagine how it would feel to suddenly realize that you are totally opposite from what you previously believed).

I have some consolation in the fact that almost all of my "areas" are borderline. The only category that remains very strong is feeling over thinking. But an S? Really? Well, for those who are interested, here are my results. I would love to know what some other people are!

ISFP - "Artist". Interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. The senses are keener than in other types. 8.8% of total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

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