Monday, June 1, 2009

It All Balances Out

Ben and I have frequently commented that it's good that this stage of toddlerhood that our beloved eldest is in is marked by an increase in amazing cuteness along with an increase in amazing... let's call it "ability to focus" (read: obnoxiousness). They seem to balance each other out well, with cuteness ultimately winning out, but not without a good bit of teeth grinding along the way.

Take this morning's trip to the playground. The entire trip there we were (in a whiny voice) reminded that we were going to the playground. And once we were there, we were reminded that beloved eldest child wanted to go on the swing. And once we left, we were immediately reminded that beloved eldest child wanted to return to the swing.

But who couldn't love this beautiful smiling face while she was in that swing?
And I'm sure years from now said child's amazing ability to focus on a goal will save the world from imminent doom and we'll all be thanking God for these early exercises in focus. Either that or we'll just let out a huge sigh of relief that she's outgrown this stage. I don't know.

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