Monday, March 30, 2009

You need what?

Today we had our 36-week visit with our doula, a wonderful woman named Wendy (who happens to be the mother of 5!! children). She came by to scope out our place, get to know us, and make sure that we have all the stuff that we need for the homebirth. The last couple of weeks have largely been a scramble to get to the point that we are actually moderately prepared for this baby, and I'm happy to report that she gave us the thumbs up!

So, what, you might as, does one need for a home birth? The list is actually really extensive, and here are a few of the things that I found surprising:
  • an oxygen tank
  • box of sandwich-sized zip lock bags (are we going on a picnic?)
  • 2 thin or 1 large phone book in a plastic bag
  • a shower curtain
In assembling all the stuff, I almost felt like the midwives just threw some "extras" in there to make sure that we were paying attention. But like the good patients that we are, we duitifully got everything together and now I'm just looking forward to the birth, when we get to figure out what all this stuff is actually for.

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