Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Quiet Day

This weekend we've been indoors with the occasional jaunt outdoors, as it's been damp and misty outside-- which is actually surprisingly nice weather for a walk. I've been admitting the extent of my pregnancy and finally taking it a little easy-- which unfortunately, around here, means that Ben has been picking up a lot of extra slack. But as I've been lying around and doing not a lot of anything, it's been amazing to me how totally quiet it is outside on a day like today. No one is out for a walk or in their cars... it's silent.

The other day I was talking to my friend Kari, and she was lamenting the fact that it seems like whenever there's a really beautiful day, everyone in the neighborhood rushes to their lawn mowers, chain saws, power tools, and starts doing these major outdoor projects. Just as you're ready to sit back and listen to the birds and breathe in some fresh air, the machinery turns on and you're overwhelmed by the noise and the smell. Ben and I have so far avoided the inclination towards motorized objects (thankfully!), but I'll admit that whenever there's a nice day we tend to get busy around the house-- and while I wish that we could just sit back, breathe, and relax, it's almost as if something in the air is pushing us into action.

So today I'm giving thanks for this foggy, damp day, which seems to be created for taking it easy and enjoying some silence.

Update: Oh, the irony. Just as I finished writing this post, Ben pulled out the circular saw to cut down some shelves for the built in bookshelves in the basement... At least it's a quiet power tool?

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