Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pregnancy Life Update

These last few days have been inconsistent. One day I'm zipping around, taking on major household projects, other days I'm pushing just to stay awake until bedtime. I guess this is pregnancy in your third trimester. People often ask me how I'm feeling, which always catches me off guard, because I tend to totally forget that I'm pregnant. And when people ask me "When are you due?" I almost invariably think they're asking, "What do you do?" and respond accordingly, which I think people must find amusing, because I am getting to look VERY pregnant these days (picture to follow... we recovered the camera!).

I think I'm just too busy this time around to sit around thinking about the fact that I'm pregnant, which is something I did A LOT of when I was pregnant with Zosia. So here I am mere weeks from birthing another baby, and I have not at all started to wrap my mind around the idea-- although there are moments that the joy of it breaks through and I just get so so excited about meeting this new person. We have some major work on the house we're hoping to get done before #2 arrives-- finishing the basement being the top priority-- and I almost think that until that stuff gets done, I won't be able to truly settle in and start nesting properly. Or maybe I'm just using this house stuff as an excuse to postpone dealing with the work of baby prep. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm 29 weeks along these days, and everything is going amazingly smoothly and well. My biggest concern at the moment is how Zosia is going to deal with the transition, but I trust a) that God will take care of our family through the transition and b) we have an amazing network of support that will make this transition comfortable.

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