Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GW Democrats Deface Crosses: Grow up

I just read this article about GW College Democrats defacing crosses from the March for Life. According to the article, after the event:
Student Republicans found drawings and writing in black ink on some of the crosses. One depicted a stick figure of a crucified Jesus. Another, hung upside down, had a condom stretched over it. One had the name of a College Democrats leader.
And here are some pictures of the crosses plus commentary at a GW blog.

Those of you who read this blog know that I'm all for finding a "middle ground." I firmly believe that there's a group of pro-lifers (traditionally Republican) who have started making some first steps. But come on, college democrats, defacing crosses? This is rediculous, immature, and ultimately will not serve your political ends. I'm glad that the democrats have come forward and apologized, albeit halfheartedly, and I can only hope that others will join in the chorus of voices condemning the action. GW democrats will do some soul-searching about the direction of their club... and the democratic party, for that matter. There is no room for intolerance and hatred.

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