Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Happy Ending

Several weeks ago, Ben and I started noticing signs popping up in our neighborhood for a lost dog. They looked like the average "lost dog" sign. The sign said "Help Find Rocky" and had a picture of a cute, average looking puppy looking up at the camera. Over the next couple of weeks, we started noticing more of the signs-- and they were fortified with rain covers. Some were glued to big posters, and they were ALL OVER falls church. You couldn't pull up to a stop sign without seeing Rocky looking up at you from a street light post. This was turning into a movement! There were several on our street alone, and every time I walked by one, I would start thinking about where Rocky was, whether he was alive, and how I would be feeling if Selma had run away. The harshest weeks of winter passed by, and there was a bad snowstorm. I was losing hope for Rocky. To tell you the truth, I really started assuming the worst.

Tonight, Ben reminded me that the posters had a website on them:
We had never been to the webpage, but my husband with the photographic memory had been meaning to go, so we went, and........ Rocky was found! You all should seriously check out the blog for the whole story, but let me say that Rocky has one committed owner-- and was missing for 36 days. This guy coordinated postering efforts all around town, had posters in Spanish and english, hired a tracker dog at sites of recent sightings, and set up feeding stations close to where Rocky had last been seen.

Anyway, the news made my day, so I thought I would pass along the happy story.

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