Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What I Wore Sunday

I've never joined in with What I Wore Sunday, partly because getting out the door for mass with all of the children dressed is tricky enough without a photoshoot!  This week I waited until we got home from church and had a snack, at which point two of my children were naked and the rest were covered in mud (don't ask), and I opted for the "just with the baby" photo.  That counts, right? 

These days my go-to Sunday outfit can be classified into one of two categories: a skirt and a button down shirt, or a shirtdress.  Because, nursing, you guys!  And my go-to accessory would have to be either a baby carrier or a baby blanket, or a set of squirmy twins.  :-P  

Josephine, on the other hand, is *much* cuter, with smocked dresses and bonnets, or, as Ben likes to say "dressed like a pilgrim."  She loves to sleep through mass, which works just fine by me, as two two year olds is just plenty to keep us occupied.  Today's mass highlight would have to be that someone brought a seeing eye dog to mass, or that the little girl next to us had a whole sheet of barrettes with her as her toy (I'm taking notes!  Genius!).

Our one favorite life hack for going to church with a lot of little kids has been reading the Gospel aloud in the car on the way to church.  That way, even if we are totally distracted during mass, we kind of get the gist of what's going on.  Luckily, mass is good even when we aren't perfectly attentive!  The sacraments are pretty great like that.  What are your favorite tricks for going to church with little ones?  

I loved seeing what other people wore this week!  Thanks, Rosie!


Rosie said...

Smocked dresses are my absolute favorite :) And my best Mass tip is to split twins up! Not always feasible, though ;) You are so lovely and glowing! That California air is doing you all good - I love seeing your beautiful adventures, and am now wishing a little bit that we could have citrus trees in our yard!

Adele said...

Brilliant tip! We have sat in opposite sides of the church before but it only works in churches big enough that the twins don't notice. :P citrus trees are awesome, but you have apples and fall! Not too bad.

Sylvia Bass said...

I'm obsessed with babies in bonnets! My babe almost always goes to Mass in one. And my husband calls her a cosmonaut. Our husbands have jokes. We take four, four and under to Mass each week, and I have no advice. Some days it goes really well, and some days it all goes horribly wrong and we make a pretty large spectacle of ourselves. Lots to offer up right there during Mass, ha!!

Adele said...

I'm obsessed with babies in bonnets, too! Glad I'm not the only one getting teased by her husband. ;-) We've done four four and under twice now, and I think that having newborn twins in mass was easier in some ways than toddler twins, but I'm with you, some days are miraculously easy and others are a spectacle.

A Young Momma said...

Adorable WIWS post, Adele!!! Love the bonnet on your little sweetie! Our girls all wore bonnets too! Keep it up with these posts! I did my 3rd today and I can really saw how we will treasure them. :)