Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lily's Six

Our darling Lillian turned 6 yesterday.  As many of you know, she is an aspiring chef, and takes every possible opportunity to get to work in the kitchen.  When she asked for a cooking themed birthday, we knew it was the perfect thing!  She invited the girls from her class over to decorate pizzas and cupcakes.  As with all good gatherings of six year old girls, it devolved into playing dressup and running around outside.  It was just the perfect day, and right before we tucked her into bed, we took turns telling her things that make her special. She is brave.  She is generous.  She is thankful.  She is really fun to be around.  Having her in our family feels like the biggest gift, and I will forever remain grateful for that beautiful spring day that she joined our family.

Happy Birthday, darling!  We just adore you.


Oregon-Mama said...

So beautiful. And I am always in awe of just the simple beauty and warmth and love that fill your beautiful photos. xo

Adele said...

Thanks, Holly! You're the sweetest.

Lauren Oliver said...

So glad to see more details of the day. Looks like my kind of fun! I think Lily and I will get along fine. =) Happy Birthday, Lily again! Package to be sent today!