Monday, January 26, 2015

A Few Happy Things

 ::Brought home for me on Friday for no particular reason, along with cookies for me to enjoy with my coffee on Saturday morning.
 ::When I saw a dress with embroidered unicorns at the thrift store, I knew it was meant for Lily.  Can we all agree that all things are improved with a unicorn?
::We dried some grapefruits in the oven the other day.  170 degrees for many hours dried them out pretty thoroughly!
::I have learned to stop gasping when these two are rough housing and just accept the fact that this is proper behavior for fathers and their sons.
::A few weeks ago, I suggested to my dad, who loves classical music, that it might be fun to go to a concert with Zosia, who also loves classical music.  He sent an invitation in the mail, picked her up promptly at 2:00 on Sunday, of course in a full suit, and took her to half of a concert, followed by gelato.  Zosia loved it, apparently in this order: 1. Gelato 2. Time with Dziadzius 3. The concert.  

Happy Monday!  


Anonymous said...

Your father is so handsome and dapper; a perfect "date" for your dear daughter!!

Kim from Philadelphia

Margo said...

yes, that rough housing/wrestling thing - I do not understand it at all, although I remember doing it with my dad and siblings. Like my mom, I just stay out of the way and invariably end up comforting someone who is crying :)

Love that last photo/vignette of your girl and your dad! So charming. This is such a fun age.

Adele said...

Kim, I will be sure to pass along the compliment! They are the cutest pair. :-)

Adele said...

Margo, I'm glad it's not just me! I have literally left the room just to spare my blood pressure, but I would say that every single time there are more laughs than tears. :-)

Lauren Oliver said...

This post just made me smile and lifted my spirit. Thanks! =)