Saturday, November 1, 2014

From our Hermione,Skeleton, Flower Fairy, and her Pollinators

::Note: we do not actually feed our babies Tootsie Pops, although these pictures suggest otherwise.  They did do the trick for keeping them still for a few pictures, though!::

We have a quiet house with five sleeping babies and many sacks full of candy.  I think everyone would say it was a successful Halloween.  In the end we settled on Hermione (Zosia), a skeleton (Hugo), a flower fairy (Lily) and her pollinators, who were played by our two bumble bees (Clara and Dorothy).  The "big kids" have this trick or treating thing down to a science, and bound from house to house, leading a tribe of neighborhood kids behind them.  The babies are quite literally along for the ride, but seemed to be pretty happy taking in the costumes, the neighbors, and then after nightfall, the bright lights.

The thing I love most about Halloween is the neighborliness.  For some neighbors, it is one time among many that we stroll up their walk way and knock on their door over the course of a year.  For others, it might be the only time we chat with them, or the very first time we meet them.  There aren't many occasions quite like it.

Ben and I just got home from a fire pit a couple of houses down where we sat around and drank wine with some of our favorite neighbors, laughing and telling stories about neighborhood lore like that time that the dorecho took our power out for a week.  It is a good thing to be surrounded by friends, and I am deeply grateful for it.  Hopefully you found yourself in equally good company.

Happy Halloween!


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What adorable trick or treaters you have.. Proud the kids enjoyed themselves..Costumes were so cute.

Lauren Oliver said...

I feel like those costumes fit the kids just perfectly. Especially Zosia and Lily. =) I do hope they knock and loudly yell "Trick OR Treat!" all together at the door. Some kids come and just stand there silently with their bags open, and it makes me wonder who is (or is not) teaching them about Halloween etiquette!! (Back in MY day.... haha).