Monday, August 18, 2014


Two weeks before the twins were born, when he should have been making extra meals, or folding baby clothing, or whatever other nesting activity is appropriate for anyone about to welcome not one but two babies into his family, Ben booked our summer vacation.  Let me tell you, it seemed ages away, and like a bit of a silly idea.  We had a million practical considerations, and were quite busy from moment to moment.  Who was thinking of summer?

But then during the coming days, those most difficult days of my pregnancy, when just getting through the day or even the hour seemed to be the primary task at hand, I found myself closing my eyes and imagining our favorite mountain spot in West Virginia.  I'm sure as Ben was taking on essentially every household task in addition to working a full time day job, as he did in those final days, he did too.  Our twins would be almost eight months old.  We hadn't even held them yet, seen them yet, or safely welcomed them into the world yet, but on our vacation all of those unknown details would be filled in, and we would be able to enjoy one another's company in a magical spot in nature. I imagined the little lake, the cool air, the mountain breeze.

We just got home from our week, and last night when I closed my eyes I still saw it in my mind.  The mountains, the pine trees, the deep silence.  My mind feels so clear, and as we settle back into our own quiet day to day back home, I am realizing what a tremendous year it's been.  Tiring, exhilarating, filled with incredibly hard work, and the deepest joy I have known.  And now we find ourselves in a more restful season, gratefully accepting the gift of rejuvenation.


Lauren Oliver said...

Beautiful. Looks like a wonderful time. I have been craving a nature-filled, laid back vacation ever since our days in Canada.

Adele said...

We haven't been back to Canada since we last went with you, and I miss it too!