Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day and Other Happenings

::These happy babies keep us all smiling!
:: Clara, taking her first swim (the babies love the water, or at least tolerate it.  This is a big win!)
::My three big kids in their red white and blue.  I love everything about this picture, including the clothes line in the background.  I rode bikes down to the parade with the big kids while Ben stayed home with sleeping babies.  Around here, the Memorial Day parade is a local tradition that can't be missed!
::Two sets of blond haired, blue eyed sisters (my aunt, left, holding Clara, and my mom, right, holding Dorothy).
::What would Memorial Day be without a cookout (and pool towels drying on the deck!)
::Lily graduated from preschool on Friday, which was definitely bittersweet!  Her preschool is so loving, low key, and nurturing.  What a wonderful place to spend a few mornings a week.

Happy Memorial Day, and Happy beginning of summer!  I know, I know, we have a few weeks until summer is official, but it sure feels like it's arrived to me!


Meg Hunter-Kilmer said...

That graduation picture of Lily is perfect!

Adele said...

Ha ha. I agree! She got a case of the giggles midway through a song. Plenty of joy to share, that one.