Friday, May 9, 2014

Likeness at 4 Months


I get asked all the time who we think these babies look like.  In truth, I see little bits of each of our children in one another.  Maybe it's the eyes, or the mouth, or the chin, or the hair.  Even though each of our kids has their own unique look, I really do believe they all sort of blend together, too!  And Clara and Dorothy are no exception.

First of all, yes, they do look like one another.  Identical twins, go figure!  They are actually looking more and more like one another.  In the early days, Clara's skin was more reddish and Dorothy's was more fair.  Clara had some bruises on her face when she was born, Dorothy did not.  And Clara was a little bigger than Dorothy so there was that, too.  Just about all of those differences have disappeared, which means we are left with two children that are quite similar.  Their head shapes are still ever so slightly different, but I'm guessing when their hair comes in longer that won't be a good clue.  Dorothy has a birthmark, which is the go-to if anyone (ahem, Ben, ahem) is feeling confused.  But somehow, for those of us who are with the babies day in and day out, we can just tell the difference, Ben included.  I just need to take a good look at their eyes, and I know.

So here's the line up, for your own evaluation!  I must confess, they look a lot like Zosia to me.  Same face shape, same nose, same smile.  Their coloration is Lily's (oh my word, Lily was the most roly poly chubby baby ever.  I love it!).  And I think Hugo looks a little like both Zosia and Lily (and will you look at that full head of hair!  Way to go, four month old Hugo).  What do you think?  And who do your kids look like?


Melissa Hunter-Kilmer said...

My babies all looked like their daddy and each other. In fact, I sometimes can't tell pictures of them apart unless I look at the rug and furniture; each of them was born into a different house or apartment.

The babies on my husband's side mostly have a strong resemblance to each other, so strong that I once asked my husband with annoyance, "Am I the mother of my children?"

Adele said...

And now so many of your grandbabies look like your babies! Isn't it funny how that happens sometimes? Strong genes! :-)

Lauren Oliver said...

Agreed, agreed. The twins definitely look like Zosia with lighter coloring, and... I LOVE that photo of Lily- my how she has changed (well, all of them do I suppose).