Friday, April 11, 2014

Peak Bloom Stroll

Cherry blossoms have erupted into full bloom.  Soft pink flowers against a backdrop of leafless trees.  Gnarly, twisted, aged trunks covered in light pink popcorn.  Such a stark juxtaposition.

We sometimes go down to the tidal basin to enjoy the flowers, but this year decided to stroll through a beautiful neighborhood lined with cherry trees instead.  Quiet, relaxed, and so incredibly welcoming: we were not the only ones who thought to pay the neighborhood a visit, and some enterprising children had even set up a lemonade and snack stand.  Children were running around, couples were lying in the grass, families were picnicing.  A modern day John Singer Sargent siesta painting.  

We spread out a blanket and let the kids run around while the babies lay down looking up at the beautiful branches.  Once again I was reminded of the fact that people everywhere love twins.  Drivers slowed with windows rolled down to inquire about the babies, many strangers approached us to chat, and I even noticed a few people sneaking up to take a picture.  Maybe we should set up a twin stand next to the lemonade stand next year, what do you think?

I can't think of a better way to welcome a weekend.


Melissa said...

You're thinking about selling the twins???? ;-)

Margo said...

this is absolutely charming! Love the colors and the pretty blossoms and the happy family :)

Adele said...

Not for sale, I'm afraid! :-)

Melissa said...

Good! Whew! LOL!

Adele said...

And thank you, Margo!