Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lily's Birthday Story

"I turned five yesterday!  And I got to have whatever I wanted for dinner.  I had macaroni and cheese, fruit, and I had chocolate cupcakes, and that's all I had.  I got a new bike that was pink with princesses on it and also I got two cards.  I got one from Aunt Elisabeth, and I got one from Omi.  I learned really quickly in one day how to ride my bike.  I was a very fast learner and I had lots of things to say about my princess bike.  Mine sister Zosia really liked my princess bike.  She wanted to get a double bike and she wanted it to be pink for her birthday.  And also I loved my princess bike and Daddy taught me how to learn riding on my princess bike.  I played with Addison, mine friend, and I had lots of fun, and I goed to my friend Emma's house, and also I had lots of fun playing with my two sister babies, Dorothy and Clara.  There was lots to say about mine birthday.  The end."

There you have it!  Lily's birthday, in her own words.  She is strong, confident, sweet, and the most generous soul you will ever meet.  And a bit of a daddy's girl.  Ben, who usually leaves birthday stuff to me, had strong feelings: Lily needed a new bike.  When I suggested she might like something girly, he found the girliest bike you could imagine, which of course, Lily *loves.*  This weekend we're going bowling with friends, Lily's special birthday wish.  Happy birthday, my sweet girl!  May five be as joyous and wonderful as four.


Margo said...

so precious. Nothing I love more than kid-dictated notes and stories. It's how I get my kids to "write" thank you notes. Love her word choices.

Adele said...

I know! I really need to remember to do this more often, even as the kids grow older. I forget that for early writers sometimes expressing thoughts fluently in writing is a challenge!

Rosie said...

So sweet :) Happy birthday to Lily!

Lauren Oliver said...

So glad to hear she had a lovely birthday! I certainly can't think of a better gift than a pink princess bike! Happy Birthday, Lily- AGAIN! =)