Thursday, April 3, 2014

In Dresses

There are buds on the trees, the air is warm on our skin, and I have had to holler into the yard two evenings in a row to get the big girls, covered in mud, back home for their baths.  Oh, and the babies, who you will usually find in footed sleepers (which seem the logical choice when you're spending 20 hours out of the day sleeping!), have been dressed up in real spring dresses, making them look entirely like dolls that have been left scattered around the house.

For Valentine's Day I bought Ben a bird feeder, which has provided great entertainment for the whole family.  We have been seeing such a variety of birds, and the new pastime is trying to identify any unfamiliar varieties.  It's also pretty entertaining to watch the squirrels trying to leap onto the birdfeeder, and even more entertaining to watch them succeed, only to have to figure out how to get off of the darned thing.  A lesson in persistence.

All this to say, spring is easing its way into our midst, much to our delight and anticipation.


Karen Moya said...

Adele, that pic with u and all 5 is so sweet!!! Levi still spends most days in his footed sleepers too. Can't wait for it to be days in baiting suits soon!!

Adele said...

Thanks, Karen! It is actually totally shocking to look at a picture with all of the kids, because all of a sudden I realize, "Woah, we have a big family." Without the picture evidence, I still don't believe it. :-) And I'm with you on the bathing suits!

Lauren Oliver said...

YAY for black bean brownies!!! I must admit, I have not made them in a long while... Perhaps I will have to call a brownie party.

And yes, you have a big family and you and Ben are quite a wonder to the rest of us zero kids!