Thursday, March 13, 2014

This and That in Pictures

Did I ever show you guys the cardigans I knit for the girls?  I had hoped to make something for each family member before the babies came, and finished just in time.  Now, taking pictures, that's another story.  Two tiny tea leaves cardigans (one of my favorite patterns for little girls).

Windows are open, and curtains are dancing with the gusts of wind.

Hugo is my kitchen helper, entirely adept at peeling carrots or chopping vegetables.  Did you know that you can cut a cross in the base of a brussel sprout to make it cook more evenly?  They're one of my favorite vegetables.

A March nature study, gathered and labeled by Zosia.  Having her at home during the day is like being with a good friend.  She is such a calm and peaceful presence.

Some new cups on the cup shelf and a nursing friendly dress, courtesy of the thrift store, and what might possibly be the best blueberry cobbler I have ever made.  The problem with winging it in the kitchen is that it's nearly impossible to replicate something good!  

These babies are *so* lucky to have big siblings all around!  Above, Lily keeping Clara entertained during tummy time.  Nothing makes these babies smile like their big sisters.


Margo said...

That is a great photo of you and a charming corner of your house!

Melissa said...

Big siblings are the best!!! I speak as the youngest of four. My siblings are 7, 8, and 12 years older than I am. They could do so much! And they were so cool! They were just about next to God in my eyes.

As I often tell under-seven-year-old kids who are older siblings, "Babies are nice. We like them. But let's face it, they can't do much. You, though! You can do so much! You can [insert stuff here]. And your baby loves to watch you and can learn so much from you!"

Adele said...

Thanks, Margo!

Adele said...

Melissa, great advice! I think that not only our (almost) seven year old, but our four and two year old love hearing that too. :-)