Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Creeks, Cowboy Boots, Cousins

My big sister and her baby girl are visiting this week from Haiti.  On Friday, we piled the whole gang into the car, and headed out to my parent's house.  The grandparents' house is always a magical place: our very favorite out of town visitors, an excellent creek for playing in, a playground, and a lot of candy and tasty things to eat.  I am always left in the dark about the quantity of this candy when the kids go over for a visit, because, you know, mothers are really just obstacles between the love of grandparents and grandchildren.  I know this is true, but will probably only really understand it when I (oh please please please) one day get to be a grandmother.  Oh, and you can also have the best cup of coffee in Northern Virginia, prepared by none other than my dad.

After we walked in the cool air, stomped in the creek in our fancy cowboy boots, and napped the babies, we got to see cousin Grace (will you look at that sweet smile, above!) crawling all over the place.  Unbelievable what a few months in baby time will do!  To think that the twins will be crawling in a few months is just craziness.  

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Lauren Oliver said...

I sure am glad your three kiddos have cowboy boots- it makes up for the fact that I have none (a fact I will quickly deny in any Texas "court of law")!