Friday, February 7, 2014

While Holding a Baby

::Now that his runny nose has cleared, Hugo has fairly unrestricted access to the babies.  I think it might be safe to say that for now, it is an unrequited love.
::A typical morning with many visitors to our bed!
::Mornings and evenings mean handing off a baby or two immediately in order to try to get something done (while only holding one baby: since when has this been considered easy?), but I managed to marry a man who adores newborns, and I don't think he minds.  He's actually really good at it.
::I have figured out tandem babywearing, which is pretty lifechanging around here.  It means I can homeschool, go for walks with the older kids, and prepare meals without having to dart back and forth to the nursery.
::Besides, who can resist this incredible cuteness?  They are so relaxed and happy in there.
::Unfortunately, there are several tasks that can not get done while tandem babywearing, such as laundry, exercise, and sitting down.  But instead of taking a picture of all of that, I'll just show you our pretty tulips, deal?
::I did manage to bake enough peanut butter chocolate chip bars (adapted from this) to send into Ben's work (and of course amply feed our own family, no small feat).  
::If you ever get the hankering to hold a baby, head on over!  Don't worry, we will genuinely enjoy your presence while you're holding that baby.
::See?  Everyone gets a cup of coffee.  Let no one say our guests are not looked after.

Happy Weekend!


Margo said...

ahhhh, this is so sweet. I love the love and comfort that exudes from this post! I visited my friend today had has twin girls, too, and managed to soothe one to take a little nap in my arms. Melted my heart. Their names are Cora Lorraine and Evelyn Beth. I love twin names :)

Adele said...

I know, it's such fun to find a pair of names to go together, isn't it? On behalf of that twin mother, thank you! I'm sure your sweet time with the baby was a welcome relief. :-)

Anna said...

Congratulations! That is a beautiful, beautiful photo of you with the two babes.

Michelle said...

I love the baby-wearing photo!!

Adele said...

Thanks, ladies!