Monday, January 27, 2014

In Sweaters

(Dorothy in blue, Clara in yellow)

The babies have grown into the sweaters I made for them just in time!  As most of you know, this past week has been chilly on the East Coast.  Really chilly, and while we keep a furnace in the babies room (and keep the house at a fairly balmy temperature thanks to having newborns at home), it is still cold and drafty, especially near a window, a door, or even close to an exterior wall.  We have all been dressing a little warmer inside.  Even me, and I am rarely one to put on a sweater!  We don't have an accurate scale at home, but I can tell you from carrying them that the twins are growing quickly.

Ben has been back at work for two weeks now, and I think we've settled into a pleasant routine around here.  When the babies are awake, I give them most of my attention, trying to involve the big kids here and there (or setting them up with something that seems least likely to dissolve into chaos).  And then when the babies are sleeping (which with newborns, is really most of the time) we do schoolwork, cook, eat, play, do housework.  The babies are on the same schedule, which they settled into very naturally, and that has made everything easier!  The girls are happy to embark upon an independent project for a short period of time here and there.  And Hugo, he is happy to cause a little trouble for a short period of time here and there (don't worry Hugo, we love you for it).  So I guess you could say it works out perfectly?  I think it will be even easier once it warms up enough for the big kids to play outside.  Not to name any names, but I definitely feel that little boys do best when they have plenty of time to get messy and tired outside.


Melissa said...

They are adorable!!!!!

Margo said...

the sweetness! Love all the soft colors they are wearing. (and yes, our old house is chilly, too)