Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You Know, Still Waiting

Pardon my silence in this space!  We live in a wonderful but power-outage prone neighborhood, and have just returned home after a two day exile due to a power outage for... wind?  Snow?  Rain?  Ice?    Not really sure what caused it, but we definitely (as always) lost power.

Power outages are so fun for the first couple of hours, until you realize that the interior of your house is 55 degrees, and you are out of gas for your grill, which is the only way you can heat food.  It's times like this that Ben and I dream of equipping our home to be off the grid with a wood pellet stove, a gas range, and a small gas generator.  But I doubt we'll do this anytime soon.  We are very lucky to have family in the area, and so whenever one of these outages is upon us, we load up into the van and head over to grandma's house.  Many members of my family, including me, think this is the best.  Delicious food, great company, and an inviting home.  Then this morning, when the real snow arrived, the big girls had a wonderful sledding companion (my mom) and I actually sat down and quietly enjoyed a cup of coffee in silence.  The absolute best, I tell you.

I'm still here with two babies in my tummy!  Or, as Hugo seems to hope, three brothers?  We've tried explaining the facts, to no avail.  St. Nicholas visited the house with new slippers filled with candy for the littles, we are working through the advent calendars one day at a time, and we assembled gingerbread houses over the weekend.  Bit by bit we are working through this Advent, and we are getting to be such good and patient waiters!  I am learning more than ever that this waiting business is not passive in the least.  It is active, hard work, even amid silence and stillness.

Ben and I went to see the midwife yesterday and everything looks fabulous.  But I'm getting ahead of myself: I'll fill you in on all of that tomorrow.

Thanks for the many prayers, thoughts, and love you've been sending our way!  It is such an encouragement, and really keeps us going.

(look!  Two stockings on the mantle!  Only five (or six, if you count the dog) to go.  I think we need a bigger mantle).

I hope wherever you are, you are warm, dry, and enjoying your Advent, too!


Melissa said...

John Paul was sure that he was getting two brothers. He named them Ezra and Nehemiah, because he had been memorizing the books of the Bible.

When informed that he would have two sisters instead, he wailed, "NO! Ezwa and Nehemiah! You will have bwudduhs!" (He was still using second person for first person at that point. Don't ask me why.)

But he seems to be rather fond of his twin sisters now. Hugo will be, too. Keep us posted!

Adele said...

That is a great story! Poor things: boys in a sea of girls. :-) said...

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Sloane Kuney Rosenthal said...

Before the power went out, when it was just icing, I had a moment of utter panic in which I grabbed Dave by the arm and said, "oh my god, you have to call Ben right now. What if she goes into labor and her mom can't get here and Irene's not back yet and you have to tell them we'll take the girls and Hugo if they need us to and...oh god...she's so PREGNANT and it's SNOWING." To his infinite credit, he very calmly turned and called Ben, who, of course, indicated that everything was fine. Maya, of course, said, "two babies?" with her very best confused two year old face.

All this to say, we're so glad you're fine, and let us know if you need anything. Hoping to see you Friday, unless the blessed event intervenes!

Adele said...

That's too funny! When we had our midwife appointment on Monday, we were asking some very specific questions about exactly how they deliver twins just in case Ben unexpectedly had to do an unassisted homebirth. That, and apparently there's an ob that lives up the street whom I was planning on calling. :-) Luckily, I think we're in the clear.

Melissa said...

I am so relieved that you have an OB up the road whom you are planning to call! And that Ben has had an overview of what to do in case of unassisted twin homebirth! Whew!