Friday, December 20, 2013

Week Before Christmas This and That

How did it get to be the Friday before Christmas just like that?  Weeks ago I put Lily's preschool Christmas show on the calendar *sure* that I would not be able to attend, given the fact that I would be at home with newborn twins.  Well, guess where I got to go this morning?  It was adorable and wonderful to be surrounded by so many beloved friends and family members to hear the story of Jesus' birth.  An unexpected gift, and one that I gladly accepted, and I even convinced Ben to put on his Christmas bowtie.

And speaking of beloved family members, will you just look at adorable baby Grace?  One of the cutest babies ever, not that I am biased or anything.  We all adore her.  Irene and I overheard Hugo leaning into her and saying "Love you, baby Grace." over and over again.  There's nothing like a cousin's love (except maybe a sibling's love), and this girl has a lot of it and more on the way.

Babies are doing great and still hanging out in-utero.  Having spent the past many months saying "If only we get to 37 weeks!" we are both thrilled to be here, and now scratching our heads a little bit and wondering what, exactly, to do.  And, despite the fact that I am daily getting more and more eager (read: impatient) to meet these babies, we know that the answer is to relax and let them come on their own time, whenever that may be.  I wish I was as chill about it in real life as I come across sounding in that last sentence. Let's just say that being almost 38 weeks pregnant with twins is quite the physical endeavor.  But, one day at a time we're hanging in there... guesses for an arrival date welcome!  


Melissa said...

I loved your Advent post, and think how lucky it is that your twins might be born during the Advent season. They're a special and joyous pair, even though they've yet to make their grand début!

Congratulations on making it this far, and I'm so happy to see your sister and niece back in town for the occasion. How sweet to think that one day Grace will be the one, leaning over the twins, saying, "I love you babies..."

~Melissa D

Ms. T. said...

Christmas babies, perhaps? :) xo

JLynn said...

You look amazing! I was starting to wonder there for a minute if they'd come already. Sending you all many prayers!

Melissa said...

First off, you look absolutely wonderful! And congratulations on making it so far in the pregnancy! They will be lovely big babies for sure. :-D

That picture with the three cousins around baby Grace—oh my goodness, that is just adorable, and so is she!

Irene said...

You're doing a great job, Adele! These babies will be so healthy and well developed when they are born--every additional day is sure to give them an extra boost. Hang in there!