Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Thanksgiving Ideas

Are you staying put for Thanksgiving and looking for a few activities to occupy the kiddos while you do some cooking?  It's been cold and rainy for a couple of days now, and we've been in full-on Thanksgiving mode.  Here are a few activities we've enjoyed (which basically only require things that are already lying around your house!).

We made these pilgrim hats for the kiddos, and at least one of my children has not taken hers off since (can you tell which one based on the pictures?).

Are you looking for a good book for kids 4-8 or so that explains the Pilgrim's journey and the first Thanksgiving?  Ben, the kids and I loved reading through this book, and I think we all learned something.  We found it at the library, and I imagine you could, too.

We happened to receive an Amazon shipment in the morning, which means hours of blissful cardboard box play.  We fashioned a Mayflower of our own, complete with a separate boat (read, another cardboard box) for the livestock, which, apparently, was how it actually transpired.  A cardboard box must go down in history as one of the best children's toys invented.

Each of the kids was also rationed a small jar with a few seeds for the new world, and then proceeded to "plant" their crop and use their jars to create "medicine," (aka: water) to help save the ailing pilgrims and Indians.

And if you're looking for a good educational video, there's a great Charlie Brown video available for streaming on Netflix called "The Mayflower Voyagers," which presents a great outline of the story!

Happy cooking, safe travels, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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Lauren Oliver said...

Y'all are so creative and resourceful!