Monday, November 25, 2013

Midwives and Babies

Our imaginary play can be categorized into one overarching category these days: playing midwives.  There's the fact that these children's mama is a birth instructor, that they have been around for a couple of homebirths, and that they routinely accompany me to the midwife.  And of course midwives tend to be amazingly kind and sweet, and always make sure to invite the children to help measure my belly or listen for the babies' heart beats.  On top of it all, I really believe that children intuit when something is incredible and sacred and just magical.  So playing midwives it is, with my three children cast in three roles: Zosia, the midwife; Lily, the pregnant mother; and Hugo, the baby.

I giggle so much listening to snippets of the conversation.  "I have three babies in my belly!"  Lily might say.  Or "This is a beautiful placenta.  The umbilical cord is attached very strongly," from Zosia.  Hugo seems to be tickled to play the baby, as always, and has taken to calling Lily "Mama" just any old time of day.

Who knows, maybe we have a future midwife in the family?  It would make me thrilled.


Melissa said...

I love this!!!! Those conversational snippets are hilarious, and the picture of Hugo in the basket with his feet sticking out is wonderful!!!

My name is Rita said...

So Cute!

Oregon-Mama said...

So sweet. I love it that babies love babies.