Monday, September 2, 2013

22 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

There you have it: I've gotten so behind on pregnancy posts that I've just skipped a week altogether.  Here we are, 22 weeks, and I've actually sort of been loving the last couple of weeks of pregnancy.  I have more energy, and after a few weeks of rapid growth (weeks 16-20!  Whew!  I had no idea my belly could grow so much in so short a time!) I've settled into a comfortable pace.  That has also meant that my appetite has curbed a little bit, and once again I am satiated by what seems to be a somewhat normal and manageable amount of food.  In other words, I feel a little more like my pregnant self, which tends to be peppy and energetic and increasingly focused on nesting.

And I have been nesting in full force!  Between knitting, sewing, and shifting household things around for the babies I have been keeping busy.  But all this is just as it should be, as I've heard that those final weeks of a twin pregnancy, when you usually are taking care of all of those things, you really need to slow down and relax.  I'm trying to see how little I can get away with actually buying, and things are looking pretty good.  We have a spare crib in the attic, and between that and a bassinet, I am hoping we will be able to get by until Hugo graduates from his crib this coming spring.  So, aside from a couple of swaddling blankets and a swing (expectant mothers, make sure you have both of these items along with this book.  Regardless of the temperament of your baby, you will be able to keep him or her happy and sleeping well.  As a mother of various babies with various temperaments, I can assure you these techniques work!), I think we're set.

Tomorrow is our first day of homeschooling and I'm super excited!  Sending much love to all of you with little ones starting a new school year: I know it's always an exciting transition.

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Melissa said...

You look wonderful, as usual! Hope you and Zosia (and Hugo) have been having fun homeschooling. Tell us all about it!