Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

This little girl of mine loves to be dressed beautifully.  I have overheard her picking her clothing out in the morning.  She opened her drawer and said, "Now where is the most beautiful dress?" and proceeded to find it and put it on.  Every single day goes like this.  As a girly-girl myself, it brings me such joy!  The fancier the better, which is such fun after a first child (not to name any names) who would literally wear the same comfortable pants and t-shirt every day if she could.

The tomatoes are out of control.  We eat them every night for dinner, and they are absolutely perfect with just a dash of salt.  I will never grow tired of fresh ripe tomatoes.

It was just the slightest bit drizzly yesterday, and I decided the weather didn't merit raincoats.  Hugo disagreed, and decided to make do with his own makeshift head covering.  Every time we stepped outside, even if only to walk between the house and the car, he got geared up.

Now that I am doing my best to sort of relax and stay off of my feet during the in-betweens, I have picked up my knitting needles.  Well, sort of.  I took all of the kids to the yarn store to pick out some yarn.  The goal is something special for each kiddo before the babies arrive.  I'm realizing that knitting for five is a big obligation!  Upon arriving home, I realized that my box of knitting needles was mysteriously missing.  Four days of looking later, I found them in the shed (the shed?) only to discover that I was missing the proper size needle, which I know as a matter of fact I have somewhere, as I am not doing any new patterns.  Hrmph.  Little by little, I'm moving in the right direction.

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter today.  You should go check out their cute babies!

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Kitten Sama said...

Skimming through "next blog" came across this.
I love that you're so into your daughter's girlishness.
Miss 6 here used to be like that but has started just throwing on whatever she finds, Miss 4 is now all about the dresses.
Though I wonder if I'd been more encouraging of Miss 6 if she'd still be the same. :(

<3 Kitten

Adele said...

It's so fun to see each kid develop their own style, isn't it? :-)