Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Outing (and thank you!)

(check out the woman standing in the back right!  That's right: one baby on the front, one on the back! I pretty much just admired her mad babywearing skills during the whole show.  And it's a single baby carrier!  I clearly need one of these, along with some practice carrying two babies at once)
(A park ranger walked up to the kids as we picnicked after the show and asked if we would like to attend a class about bugs.  I think the answer to that question is always yes!)

First of all, thank you all for the twin love and sweet words!  We are so thrilled and excited, and now that the morning sickness is starting to ease up, I am able to sit back and enjoy this pregnancy. The great news is that as a low risk woman, my pregnancy is being treated as totally healthy and normal despite the fact that I am carrying two (!) babies.  We are with a new midwife (our beloved midwives don't do twins), in a new setting (a hospital), but other than that we hope to have a totally normal healthy and natural pregnancy and childbirth.  When I was chatting with my midwife yesterday, she mentioned that from her experience, natural twin pregnancies end up being pretty easy with few complications.  I am holding onto those words and trusting in my body and God's ability to work together to create these two babies!  I appreciate your prayers and support. and will be sure to give you updates along the way!

Last week the kids and I went to one of our favorite summer venues, the Wolftrap Theater in the Woods.  If you haven't been there, I highly recommend you check it out.  It is such a sweet place, and it didn't hurt that our *favorite* children's musician, Elizabeth Mitchell, was performing.  Ever since my sister took the kids to see Elizabeth Mitchell last year, Lily in particular has been obsessed.  Whenever we get into the car, she requests that we listen to Elizabeth Mitchell, and she has named every single doll, stuffed animal, and inanimate object in the house Elizabeth Mitchell.  We loved the show, which is so interactive and fun.  I think I saw more cute handmade dresses and saltwater sandals than I knew existed in the universe.  And babies!  So many cute babies, little children, and baby bumps I could hardly contain myself.  Seriously check out that woman babywearing her twins.  Does anyone know what type of babycarrier she might be using?

We bumped into Elizabeth Mitchell heading over to the autograph area after the show.  "Girls, that's her!  Do you want to say hello?"  I asked.  But the girls were already running off to the amphitheater area for some playtime.  Meeting celebrities is overrated anyway.

Moments after we got home from the show, I got a call from my brother in law Robbie that my sister's labor was in full swing.  Elizabeth Mitchell, followed by my Irene's labor and Grace's birth!  Among the best days ever.


Rosie said...

I'm betting that's a TwinGo carrier - they're pretty new and the creator is (I think?) the president of the moms of multiples group that meets in falls church. There's currently a wait list to get one, but you've got a while to wait :)

Melissa said...

I knew Rosie would know what kind of carrier that was. :-)

Seems to me that Rosie's natural twin pregnancy and delivery were pretty uneventful—I mean, they didn't even know that they were having twins until 30 weeks, because she kept not being able to go to the doctor! But you'll have to ask her to make sure. All I know is from the grandma's point of view, which is a delightful place, btw. I do love my grandchildren!

Adele said...

Thanks, Rosie! I'm on the waiting list. :-) Melissa, I often tell women that my life dream is to become a grandmother. It seems like the BEST. With five kids I'm hoping my odds will be pretty good.

Melissa said...

I told people that for years! Starting right after Meg (#2) was born, and people asked me if we were finished. "Heck, no!" I said. "I want to be a grandma! And the best way to do it is to have more kids!" Good thing we did, too—as you know, Rosie is #3, and she's done really well in her duty to make me a grandma, I mean, proud. And yes, being a grandma is absolutely wonderful! Especially if one is blessed enough to have my astoundingly terrific grandchildren! :-D

Kerry said...

What a fun outing! We love Elizabeth Mitchell around here too... she is on for at least part of every day! We were lucky to see her a couple of years ago.