Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

::Homemade beignets for breakfast on Saturday morning
Selma is such a good guard dog, always waiting by the front window
::Plain whole milk yogurt with honey and strawberry jam for snack
::Hats and baskets, and a teeny tiny photo bomber by the front entryway
::The girls are allowed to "harvest" the daffodil stalks
::I was pulling weeds from the garden, only to realize that almost all of the weeds were actually heirloom tomatoes that had self-sown from last year.

The sage in bloom.

The strawberry flowers are blooming, which means the countdown to strawberries has begun.
::Ben worked really hard in the garden this weekend, and Hugo, working on his two year molars, is enjoying some ice.
::It's a tiny snail!  The kids were so excited.
::Looking just right when engaged in a bit of mischief.

The house has felt quiet since our niece and nephew went back home on Thursday.  We had a bit of a work weekend around here, cleaning drawers to make room for summer clothing, planting grass and weeding the garden.  Tiring, exhilarating, and ever so necessary.  This change of seasons is hard work.

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