Saturday, May 25, 2013

On A Big Girl Bike

We officially have another bike rider in the family!  Lily just turned four a few weeks ago, so I don't think any of us were expecting her to take flight, but she was clearly ready, and an afternoon of working with her on the driveway later, she was ready to give it a try.  

For the record, a big empty parking lot seems to be the best place to learn how to ride a bike, don't you think?  I took Lily down there last week thinking that she would require a good bit of coaching and hand holding.  Well, she just jumped right on the bike and started riding around all by herself.  There's something about these second children... they are just racing to reach milestones.  

Having your kids start out on a balance bike makes for the absolute easiest transition to a regular bike I could ever imagine.  Effortless, I would even say.  The only thing keeping Hugo from a balance bike is that even on the lowest setting, his feet don't quite reach the ground.  Maybe later this summer.

This morning we headed down to the school to give the girls a little time to ride around together.  Hugo was in heaven, there being a fleet of parked school buses in the parking lot.  He just rode his little scooter right next to them, where he remained for a long time.  The girls were racing all around, probably feeling the same boundless freedom every child feels upon learning to ride a bike (don't you remember the the thrill?  Amazing). Ben and I actually brought folding chairs and coffee and just sat back and enjoyed it all!  Quite the show.  Way to go, darling!

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