Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day Baskets

Sophie, Ian, and I made some May baskets to take to neighbors this morning.  Entirely Sophie's idea, whose mother used to make May baskets every year as a girl in South Dakota.  First stop, the thrift store, where we picked up as many baskets as we could fit in our cart and some silk ribbon.  Second stop, the garden, where we picked as many different flowers as we could find.  We wrapped the flowers around the basket handles with the ribbon.  Only then did we realize that we hadn't really thought of what to put in the baskets.  So, after scouring all of our closets and pantries, each basket contained:

four candles
two fluffy chicks
a few pieces of Easter candy
two teabags
a beer

One quick jaunt around the neighborhood, and I think we shared some old fashioned pagan cheer.  Now we only need a maypole and we will be all set!

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