Friday, March 29, 2013

Apple Latkes, Surprises, and Little Sisters

We decided to embark on a family campaign of good deeds on this good Friday (inspired by our own foot washing ceremony yesterday).  When Lily slept in, Zosia asked if we could make her breakfast in bed.  One new recipe, a dusting of flour around the kitchen, and several apple latkes later, we had success!  Lily is generally so grateful, but especially so when Zosia bestows her with a special gift. Little sister that she is, there is simply nothing better than some special attention from her big sister.

Later in the morning, we rushed home from an outing with friends to meet up with my brother in law, Robbie.  He is in town interviewing for jobs, and my sister Irene (who, seven months pregnant, decided to stay in Haiti for this trip) told us he had a package to deliver to us.  When I heard our dog barking, someone letting themselves in, and a woman's voice floating through the house, I couldn't quite figure out who it was.  A neighbor?  A friend?  Robbie using a funny voice?  We have familiar faces coming around the house all the time.  Only after rushing out to the living room did I see it was Irene, home for Easter!  Here, in Virginia!  I must tell you,  I have honestly never been so surprised in my entire life.  Me and the girls were just stunned for about thirty minutes.  And then we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with quite possibly our favorite person in the world (and her cute baby bump!).  Of course I was so excited I didn't snap a single picture, but I will certainly make up for it this weekend.  We little sisters scored big today!  High five, Lily!

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