Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snowflakes, Pierogis, and a Fire in the Hearth

Tending to the fire is one of those primal things he likes to do.
We ladies went to town making pierogies: mushroom and potato/cheese for our Wigilia celebration on Monday night 
My sister Irene and her husband Robbie are home!  Along with their cute tiny baby bump that Lily has named "Spot Dot" or something like that.  This is why three year olds do not get naming rights.
The craft project of the afternoon was snowflake cutouts to decorate the fireplace (thank you perfect snowflake tutorial!  You served us well).
The door kept knocking with a friend or neighbor dropping cookies and cards off.  We started making our rounds in the evening with peppermint bark and cards.
As we headed out the door after dinner to drive around and see some Christmas lights, I couldn't help myself from taking a picture of the fireplace.  Still barely glowing, newly decorated, and awaiting a visitor in just two nights!

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