Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent This and That

This nativity has taken over this little house.  I like the idea of the cast of the nativity living in a three level house.  It reminds me of living in Boston.
The kids have been playing the Christmas story out all day long: I actually left baby Jesus out in this set (do you guys hide the baby away until Christmas, too?) just because it helps them think though the story a little more completely.
On Sunday, we had a special first Advent celebration complete with company and a special dessert. Isn't Christmas food the best?
Stockings are up... on the dresser, for now.
Special ornaments are divvied up between 24 baggies, which are opened one by one each night.
of course we take turns.
Christmas decorations are slowly slowly making their way out of the attic.  In the end, Advent is just like the preparation for any new baby: gradual, intentional, and in the end, never really complete.
The evenings have a perfectly simple rhythm.  After Hugo is in Bed, the girls, Ben and I gather around the table.  To the tune of "O Come O Come Emmanuel," the candle is lit.  We read our simple devotion, sing a carol, and put an ornament on the tree  
 (If you're looking for something to do with those five and under, I highly recommend this book that we were lucky enough to receive from a friend.  It has a very lovely and simple message which is repeated over and over and over, a strategy that works well with the smaller set.  This week, it's all about keeping promises.)
We have learned to put the special ornaments high high up so that little hands cannot snatch them.  

Some little girls left their shoes out for St. Nicholas tonight, and I think we will be having a side of candy with our breakfast if that kind man is up to his tricks again this year.


eKay said...

Three family homes in Boston miss the Paz-Collins growing family. Those advent celebrations in Somerville will also be close to my heart. I love seeing how your traditions start and grow as your family does. Much love to my VA family!

Meg Hunter-Kilmer said...

I love this! The 24 presents especially. You are beautiful, my friend.