Monday, November 26, 2012


Somehow it has suddenly become quite a production to get out the door.  Hats?  Check.  Mittens?  Check.  Jackets?  Check.  Furry fleece bear suit?  Check.  Then-get-out-the-door-absolutely-as-soon-as-possible-or-else-everyone-is-hot-and-grumpy.  I am encouraged by the knowledge that with repetition, everything becomes easier.  And boy are we getting lots of practice with our winter get-out-the-door-routine.  Whether its dropping someone off at school or going out to play, we seem to have revolving doors in this house.  I hear that this winter is supposed to be a cold one and I am secretly a little excited.  I think we're overdue for some snow, and I have at least two people in this house that agree with me.

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