Sunday, October 14, 2012

On a Saturday Afternoon

He gets the fire going,
so naturally gets to enjoy a beer from the best seat.
And Hugo gets to be the little helper, bringing sticks and kindling.
This one is in perpetual motion, only occasionally stopping for a jaunt on the swing or hug.
We ladies are more just in it for the leisure.  You know, enjoying an afternoon at the fireside (I guess you could call us freeloaders).
We thought she had outgrown snuggling.  I am so glad we were wrong. 
Even next to the fire, it's only warm enough with a blanket.  We love it.


Becca said...

Your neighbor Susan told me I had to see her "neighbor's beautiful blog!" and I am so glad she did. Your photos and the way you capture life with your family are just lovely, Adele! Glad to have found you. :-)

Adele said...

It's so nice to make new friends through old ones: so nice to come upon your space, too and learn about your adventures. :-)