Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Photos Out and About

A few highlights from the week:

:: discovering some amazing water table fountains to play in at the National Portrait Gallery.
:: seeing Robbie Schaefer perform at Wolftrap's Theater in the Woods
:: a stranger observing the girls playing in a creek for several minutes and exclaiming, "They play so well together!"  Any parent, but especially one who has had children that have had their share of quarrels knows how what joy it is to have two children that have discovered one another in play.  This has been a good summer!
:: Hugo walk, walk walking all over Virginia, it seems!  This little boy has found his legs, and is not afraid to sue them!
:: swinging by our favorite local farm to pick up a friend's farm share.
:: Ben and I deciding, on a whim, to give our friends with a brand new baby a call while we were out on a date to see if we could swing by and sneak a cuddle.  It has taken me three children, but I *totally* get the newborn baby obsession.

And what adventures have you been up to this week?

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Ms. T. said...

Oh, but that visit was so wonderful and so needed for us. We're completely smitten with the little man would love to share his baby cuddles, should you be in need of a few more. We adore y'all. xoxo