Monday, April 30, 2012

A Weekend that Brought Us


:: the best chocolate almond croissants you will ever eat, in France or elsewhere.  To be found at the Falls Church farmers market being sold by a woman with a french accent (do not buy the ones from the stand across from her... those are hard and puck-ish and just as expensive.  These are heavy and incredibly rich and quite possibly the tastiest thing you will ever eat).  See?  Even Hugo likes them.
:: a stroll down to the used book store yielded a book entitled "The Magic Bus."  Perhaps a precursor to those Magic School Bus books?  Much cuter, if you ask me.
:: a long weekend with a friend who is called "Auntie" by our children because she is clearly a part of this family.  Friends like this are absolutely priceless.

And what did the weekend bring you?


Ms. T. said...

How did I miss you at the Farmer's Market?? Whenever you go, give me a call. I'm usually there around 10:30 meandering about.

Adele said...

We must have been heading out just as you arrived! But next time we will be on the lookout. :-)