Friday, April 20, 2012

Painting and Wandering

I think these photos sum up my week.  Painting and wandering.  Painting because our littlest girl is about to turn *three* which in this household means a "big girl bed," and this particular time means a newly painted room and a bunk bed.  So these past few days, ever stolen moment I can find I have been taping, edging, and all out painting, which seems to be a good upper body workout because my arms are tired! But the room is a beautiful bird's egg blue, and it was all worth it to see Lily wander in and after a moment of speachlessness utter, "Oh, it is beautiful!"

And wandering because that is what our bodies have been yearning for on these beautiful spring days.  Wandering in the yard, down to the local smoothie place, or for a romp in the woods.  Or, if you're Hugo, just wandering around the house with his new favorite toy (thank you very much, Mrs. Tucker). Someone's first steps are just a few weeks away and I am not sure that my heart is ready for that.

These next few days are full in the best ways possible.  I find myself thankful for family, spring, and newness all around us.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Love the color-

Adele said...

Thanks! A friend who is savvy about such things recommended a benjamin moore color called "bird's egg." It's very pretty, and I was happy that it came in "low voc."

The Benningtons said...

Lovely paint, lovely pictures, lovely post! I'm hoping to start painting Abigail's nursery this weekend! She's due in just 7 more weeks...eeek!

Adele said...

How exciting: hang in there in the homestretch! I love the name.