Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9: I love

lunch in the stroller on the way home from preschool. It keeps the kids quite occupied, happy, and focused. And it has the added bonus of no cleanup! Yesterday's menu: whole wheat nutella sandwiches, apple slices, and sliced peppers. Although at 43 degrees, it was just a bit chilly. Perhaps mid-February winter has finally decided to arrive? Now if I could just find a way to feed Hugo in the backpack, too...

I believe this is year three of joining Kerry for her February I love ritual... go on over, have a look, and join in the fun!

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Anonymous said...

and can I just say that I love that the stroller is getting used by yet another family. we put it to great use for a few years and it was used for a few years before that. reusing at its best.

xo Annie