Monday, February 13, 2012

February 12: I love

having a reason to get a little festive on the coldest weekend of the year. With our balmy winter, I had forgotten what real winter feels like, but oh my oh my, it feels cold, especially on bare legs when you're going out on a date with your husband. I suppose tights are merited in the middle of winter. Settling in for an afternoon of valentine making is much more weather-appropriate, and after gathering a bit of Valentine's day inspiration, we gathered our supplies and got to work! If you're still looking for some cute printable valentines, check these out! We found some mini magnifying glasses at the local party store (six to a pack as party favors! Quite the deal), and couldn't resist our little nose glasses. You know, we have a special fondness for glasses given that they're sort of our Ben's trademark in the family. Who doesn't love glasses?

(photo of Hugo at a playground last week unrelated, but doesn't he look proud of standing up all by himself? This boy has raced into the realm of mobility at breakneck speed).

We're playing along with I love again this year... head on over to check it out and join in.

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Anonymous said...

Love the valentines!!!

ps. I ordered a rug, but had it sent to the house because Jeff will be there?