Friday, November 4, 2011

Side View

Months ago (years ago, really) I had the hope of embarking upon a family silhouette project. I got about as far as one silhouette and then got derailed by who knows what. When I found this tutorial, I realized I had to give it another try. One trip to the thrift store and one rummage sale later, I had my plates all lined up (nothing too fancy... we could upgrade to more vintage-y plates at some later date should I find them). When we had some friends over, we embarked upon the project, and voila! I actually think the one of Selma (at the bottom) just might be my very favorite, although each silhouette really does bear the likeness of its subject.

A few tricks we learned along the way. Don't use too much Mod Podge: a thin layer under and a thin layer over your paper cutting is best. You can add "pearls" through getting creative with a hole punch. And I later learned you can even diy your own plate hangers (ours are courtesy of Target).

Those who know me well know that I move our furniture more than I switch my outfits, but I think these guys are here to stay!

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Ms. T. said...

How is it your turned out so much fancier than ours? Plus, your likenesses are much more canny than ours. I can't find a good home for ours at the moment. Maybe I too need to do some furniture re-arranging. Thanks for always allowing us in on the fun and being such an inspiration! xoxo