Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Back from the Beach!

Don't you think it's just food for the soul to see the ocean once a year? I think I am hooked on fall at the beach: it's mild, peaceful, and such a lovely way to spend a few days. We definitely did this vacation right: we went somewhere not far from home, invited three grandparent figures (my parents and aunt: I think a 5 to 3 adult to child ratio is just about right), and planned something simple (camping is a great adventure, but if you're going for rest, a simple beach condo is the way to go). It was absolutely perfect! The girls adored the sand, we all got some wonderful rest, and Ben and I even got to go on some dates. Success all around.

Highlights included finding a baby horseshoe crab shell (not pictured), a real live baby crab (above), and flying a kite oh so high. Do you see our little tent? We brought it with hopes of providing a sleepy nook for the little ones, but a gust of wind swept it away and it was packed it up after just half a day. Even so, I just love that tent next to those big buildings. And there's my mom with the girls, and the beloved Basia with Hugo. I wish I had more pictures with my Dad: he must have been off for one of his exercise walks.

I'm off to finish lots of sandy laundry and try to organize my mind back to real life, but I just wanted to pop by here to say hi and share a bit of our adventures!

Has anyone else been to the beach lately?


Steve Finnell said...

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Lauren Oliver said...

No beach time for me, lately, but I was reminiscing about our trip to the beach together a few years back just a minute ago, so it's great to read your story! My life could use a beach break this fall!

Lauren Oliver said...

P.S. Your hair is SO LONG!!!

Adele said...

We actually weren't far at all from Chincoteague: I thought of our trip, too! I can hardly believe Zosia was just under a year.. how time flies.