Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

Woo hoo! What a day. Between a "Let's Pretend Parade," pumpkin carving (and seed roasting, of course) and bona fide Trick or Treating (and candy eating) we are quite wonderfully spent.
I do love Halloween in this little neighborhood of ours. It is quite well loved, well decorated for, a little spooky, but very neighborly.

Lily agreed to march in the parade as long as she was holding Zosia's hand.

She changed her mind when she realized this would entail getting separated from me. I ended up joining the parade to keep Lily at ease. Ah, what a precious attached little child.

Zosia, on the other hand, marched right along, directing the other kids in her class as she went. Isn't it so much fun to see a child's personality in a new context? To think that my once shy Zosia would be such a little leader. Amazing.

When a neighbor heard that Ben couldn't find any pumpkins at the store this weekend (what? No pumpkins the weekend before halloween? I guess you're supposed to shop early), she brought one by. We wasted no time carving it up (I saw these and couldn't resist!), and then had so much fun strolling from house to house this evening, saying hello to neighbors, mastering the ins and outs of trick or treating, and even scoring some wine for the adults.
Of course the girls dumped their overflowing bags of candy upon arriving home and got to eat a whopping four pieces before bedtime. I do think it wouldn't really be Halloween without a bit of a tummy ache.

How did you spend your Halloween? What are your neighborhood traditions? And what are you doing with all this candy?

(and to give the full low-down on dino costumes, tails were made using this tutorial, hats were improvised using the base of the Oliver + S hat with bear ears, and green clothing was thrifted and turned slightly more dino-ish with added felt).


Ms. T. said...

Halloween in our 'hood was the pits. :( We were excited to finally enjoy the perks of Halloween in a neighborhood, but only had one group of four kids stop by. Neither neighbors near us were celebrating. Maybe one day we'll trick-or-treat down your way. Either way, I still can't get over the costumes. Such talent, friend!

Adele said...

I think good trick or treating comes in waves: when there are little kids around, it's great, but then as they get older it wanes. I think your neighborhood has lots of young couples, so I'm sure the days of busy trick or treating are right around the corner! Or you two could always get it started. :-)