Friday, September 2, 2011

Having one of those weeks?

Perhaps your children are not cooperating? Perhaps your recycling is splayed all over your kitchen floor? Perhaps you have realized that the pattern on your shirt is actually just spit up?

Okay, I hear you. Here are some tips. Follow them carefully.

First, put on the most bright, bold, craaaazy thing you can find in your closet. You know, seasonally appropriate and all that, but something with slightly more umph than your daily wardrobe choice.

Got it?
Okay. Now reach for the nearest baby. Borrow one if necessary. Expend all of your energy trying to make this baby laugh. No baby? Fine, any person will do. Or perhaps a pet.

It is okay if you look ridiculous trying. This is part of the point. Five minutes. Got it?

See, doesn't that help?

Now go drink a glass of wine while you are preparing dinner. It is sure to do the trick.


Anonymous said...

Nice!! Like the wine part, too! I'd only add some zippy music to the glass of wine.

kathryn Weeks said...

sweet dress

Adele said...

Suz, excellent addition! :-)

Thanks, Kathryn! Miss you!